Saturday, September 21, 2013

Changing The Password

In the previous article we had reported about the safety of your Gmail account. Is very important that you know the password to your Gmail account. If you have a strong password that will increase the risk of being stolen Gmail account. If you used a simple password when you open your Gmail account, or you believe that a simple reading our article you can learn how to change your password. Gmail login to your account by entering your e-mail address and password. The gear icon in the upper right corner click the "Settings" menu. "Accounts" tab, open the "Account Change of settings" section "Change Password" option button. Enter the password and the new password that you use now the pop up window. Now you have changed your password.
Create Gmail Account

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Create a Gmail E-mail

Hello, We are with you yet again with a new post. How to create a Gmail e-mail We will describe in this paper. The first screen you will see when you open your Gmail account in your email screen. Right there at the top of Google search engine. Write down your e-mail so that the Google search engine is a red box. When you click in the box to display it means to create e-mail. Buyers are part of the person you are sending e-mail, e-mail, discard the e-mail subject line and the following information about the space you want to write e-mail, typing email or you can create. E-mail Once you have finished writing your email by clicking on the Send button to send the bottom left.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gmail Security

As you know, Gmail, Google's free e-mail system that offers us. People who want to use Gmail can e-mail, using a special section devoted to you can store important documents and photos in this section. Of course, the things that are so special to you is very important to protect and conceal. First, it is very important that the password you type when you sign up for. Anyone know the password, but you should be specific to only Gmail address. I would recommend not give your password to anyone. Otherwise, played back on your account. Your password will be safe in the complex and '!' ^ & / () = $ {[]} \ Recommend that you use phrases like. At the beginning or end of your password by using a few of these expressions can make a secure password.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Open a Gmail Account

Free use Gmail, Google has created a tool to send an e-mail. With Gmail friends can e-mail, video chats, you can even set aside a special section of private information store forever. But first, let's talk about turning on how the gmail account. For this, you should take a gmail or any other name you can sign up using your email address. If you do not have another gmail e-mail will be thanks to a new e-mail account. After you have determined the appropriate user name for yourself by setting a password you will have completed the registration process. Now start sending email to your friends using your gmail account.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gmail Sign Up

Google's Your Gmail has to offer us a free tool to send an e-mail. In order to use Gmail to open a Gmail account is required. To do this, create a Gmail or, if the name you can use your Gmail e-mail account. Once you have created Your Gmail username name, last name, mobile phone number and enter your Gmail account, you can specify a password. After opening the way for free and you can send e-mail by applying in the specific important notes, you can store your photos here forever. In addition to Gmail is a free video calls video calls you can make friends with the plugin. If you want to open a separate window to both video calls and send e-mail.